Guardian Opportunity for the right home

Guardian opportunity for the right homeGuardian Opportunity for the right home

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Riley and Piper

We’ll be looking for two loving guardian homes for mini (25-30 lb) puppies this summer.

If you live new the Portland metro, Salem or Hillsboro areas and have time during the day to love, bond with, train and socialize a puppy…. read on! Riley and Piper are having pups and we will carefully consider the right family.

Guardian Opportunity for the right homeWe strongly believe that every dog deserves a caring, forever family and should be cared for in a nurturing loving home. We are not a kennel breeder and to keep doing what we do, that is to participate in breeding these wonderful loving dogs, we have a guardian program that keeps our dogs happy! Every one of our dogs and pups are precious, and we’ll consider you for guardianship if you feel the same, and after reading the information below, you think you might be a good match.

Being a Guardian Family for Valley Vineyard Labradoodles is an excellent opportunity to have the Breeder’s pick of the litter as a pet. In exchange for providing a home for one of our breeding dogs and partnering with us while the dog is part of our breeding program, you will receive a wonderful dog without any adoption cost.

Guardians must live within close vicinity of us, or be willing to drive at breeders request to accommodate for mating appointments, medical testing or vet appointments that periodically come up. The most important requirement is that Guardian’s provide a loving home for our dogs and the dogs are “inside” dogs as a member of your family.

We may have a puppy or dog available now for the right, loving forever home. Or, we may have an opportunity arise in the near future.

If you live in the metro Portland area or near Yamhill County, can provide referrals and want to bring home a new, family member, you might be right for one of our precious pups.

If you’re interested in talking with us about this program, please complete our puppy application under the “Available Puppies” tab and indicate “GUARDIAN” at the top. You can email it to us at [email protected]

More detailed info on our Guardian Program is found below.


What does it mean to participate in our Guardian Program?

Being a Guardian Family is an opportunity to bring one of our Australian Labradoodle puppies into your home as your family pet, without the adoption price. You get to have the Breeder’s pick of the litter as a member of your family in exchange for providing a loving, forever home with good training and socialization for one of our precious pups.  Your obligation is to care for the dog as your family member, in your home, and keep up with vaccinations, grooming, socialization, training and a healthy diet.

Our guardian homes help us in continuing to breed these amazing dogs. While we retain breeding rights, the guardian provides the care, attention and lifetime love our dogs deserve. We ask that you consider your commitment as a guardian family very carefully, and make sure you have the time to train, socialize and give companionship to a young pup. A puppy or dog should be a commitment for life.

All breeder dogs will go through initial testing prior to six months of age. These tests are paid for by Valley Vineyard Labradoodles, however transportation is sometimes the responsibility of the Guardian. In addition, there are various ongoing tests that will be required periodically that are also paid for by Valley Vineyard Labradoodles, and are required for our breeding dogs for the duration of the dogs breeding career. Testing is administered mainly at Newberg Veterinary Hospital. Occasionally, you may be required to travel to the vet’s office, or to a mating appointment. Matings are usually done locally, and travel would be limited.

Guardians must live in or around the vicinity of Valley Vineyard Labradoodles (metro Portland area).

Guardian Opportunity for the right homeIn order to ensure safety and health there are certain requirements to qualify for our Guardian Program.

  • Dog has access to fully fenced yard with a 6 ft fence for safety.
  • Provide a large crate for your dog to be in when unsupervised.
  • Ensure that the dog is well socialized and crate trained.
  • Attend dog training classes.
  • Have dog professionally groomed every 8-12 weeks to specific labradoodle look. Grooming expense will be the responsibility of the Guardian. Grooming can cost from $45 + per grooming.
  • Be willing to only provide ‘breeder approved’ kibble and other dietary needs.
  • Use only vet approved or all-natural flea products.
  • Dog is mainly kept indoors as a member of your family.

Female dogs go into heat every seven (approx.) months. Depending on Valley Vineyard Labradoodle’s breeding schedule, the breeding female may be bred back to back or skip a cycle. Females are bred no more than four times and then will be retired and ownership will be transferred to the guardian. When it is time for the female to give birth they are housed in our home at Valley Vineyard Labradoodles to whelp and raise her puppies up to six weeks when the puppies are weaned.

Males can be active in Valley Vineyard’s breeding program up to six years.

Guardian homes and the dogs we entrust in your care are representing Valley Vineyard Labradoodles. It is important that, if accepted into our breeding program, that you present a well-mannered and well-groomed pet. This is a unique opportunity to partner with us. Our treasured Guardian Homes make our breeding program possible!