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Australian Labradoodles: Coat, Care and Maintenance

Once the puppy coat is gone, your Doodle will need some maintenance to keep them looking good and free of mats. However, even before the pups coat needs brushing, you should begin brushing a puppy at about 3 or 4 months of age to help them become accustomed to brushing and being touched in sensitive places like paws and their back-end area.

It’s a great life in Oregon, raising labradoodle puppies!

black standard Australian Labradoodle puppies

It’s a great life in Oregon, raising labradoodle puppies! On January 18, our Ella brought 9 more puppies into the world. We’ve themed this litter with Bible characters, and we are excited about Noah, Moses, Elijah, Abraham, Isaac, Esther, Mary, Martha and Ruth! May God bless this litter! Check out our pictures as we watch the pups grow.

We adopted the Bio Sensor method for our Labradoodle puppies

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As a small breeder, we’re able to give one-on-one attention to each of our pups from the time of birth, to the time they join their forever families. The Bio Sensor program is just one more way to help our pups be all that they can be! It’s important to know your breeder and how the puppy you buy has been cared for since his birth.