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Australian Labradoodle puppies available

We have one labradoodle puppy available now! Due to a job change situation with someone on our reservation list, our “George” is open for adoption to an approved loving home. “George” is 7 weeks old, a wonderful multi-generational labradoodle from a great line and we’ve worked with him to be the best dog with a great temperament! He will be a standard size labradoodle, growing to around 55 lbs. and comes from a great genetic line. Both parents have amazing temperaments, excellence in health and testing and have beautiful fleece coats. Check out our testimonials and photo gallery. Family breeder with lots of hands on and the proven Bio-sensor program for each pup we raise.

Oregon labradoodle puppies available

Red, black, chocolate standard Australian Labradoodle puppies in Oregon.

Oregon labradoodle puppies available. We have a few pups waiting for forever homes from our Molly’s litter, and also our Ella is expecting standard size puppies in May. We have genuine standard size Australian Labradoodle puppies available now in chocolate, black and cream. These cuties come from a long line of great Australian Laradoodles. But it’s…