Puppies available now – Click here

Puppies available now

Puppies available now –  See our litter announcements below, and we are also taking reservations for our summer puppies

Click here to complete a puppy application to let us know what you are hoping for. Our reservations for our 2020 litters in various sizes, are beginning to fill up, however, even if a litter list is full, we often reopen it if an extra pup is born or a mama’s ultrasound clearly shows additional puppies.  Pricing and more can be found from the home page menu bar.

All of our puppies are raised with the Puppy Culture philosophy and the Bio-sensor program, without compromising the best breeding in genetics, health and coat quality. Our family is committed to raising the BEST puppies, to bring joy, companionship, therapy and service to many.




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Gracie and Basils puppies arrived and we have one puppy spot available growing to the 40-55 lb. range, going home May 1 and 2.  You can see this litter under the Doodle Blog page or see some of their pups on the Doodlemonials page.  Puppy selections will be made at

Oregon standard black labradoodles


seven weeks of age, and most likely pup allocations will be black males. This litter comes from our beautiful Molly line (Molly is shown on the top of our website, the black diva stretched out on the stairs.)


Portland labradoodle breeders puppies

Our sire, Basil (AKA Big Rock’s Valentino) is a gentle 40 lb. boy that has worked in the field as a therapy dog due to his loving and attentive nature.

Pup from Gracie and Basil’s last litter.











black Oregon Labradoodles

One of our beautiful black labradoodles, fully grown











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Our Lizzy and Basil have mated to bring us puppies in the 45-60 lb range. This will be a litter of chocolate, black, apricot, caramel and cream puppies that are due to arrive on May 9, going home just be for the Fourth of July.  Lizzy and Basil both have an amazing gentle and quiet temperament. Lizzy is our gentle giant, and so loved by everyone. We expect a large litter to arrive and we are taking 4 more reservations. (We will take more once we have a puppy count from her ultrasound. )  You can see their past litter here.

Labradoodle guardian program Portland Oregon

Lizzy is 62 lbs.


Oregon Labradoodles studs

“Basil,” also knows as Big Rock’s Valentino.


















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Our Gretel has mated with Barkley to bring us red and apricot mediums in the 30-38 lb. range to be ready to go home in early May.  This litter is fully reserved and we’ll reopen the litter if there are any changes in our reservation list.  (And we are waiting for our other mamas to go into heat for summer puppies.)

Oregon Red australian Labradoodle puppies

Our red, 38 lb. Barkley is our newest stud. We are really proud of this new sire we got from Cedar Bend Labradoodles in Iowa.

Oregon best labradoodle breeder

Our 30 lb. Gretel will bring us March puppies!

Oregon Australian Labradoodle puppies