Summer puppies are available, click here for more info

Summer puppies available, click here for more info

Summer puppies are available, click here for more info

All of our puppies are raised with the Puppy Culture philosophy and the Bio-sensor program, without compromising the best breeding in genetics, care and coat quality. Our family is committed to raising the BEST puppies, to bring joy, companionship, therapy and service to many.

Watch for our upcoming announcements, “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to stay updated on what’s happening here. Read on for what we are expecting this summer, with more litters to be announced for fall:

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Gracie and Basil have mated and will have a litter of medium to standard size pups, expected in mid May. Gracie is the daughter and spitting image of our Molly, the one stretched out and laying on the steps of our home page. We’re excited that we have a girl to continue the legacy of beautiful, loving pups from our original labradoodle, Molly. This is Gracie’s first litter.  She and Basil will bring us a litter of black and cream pups, with perhaps additional colors, growing to 40-55 lbs. This litter will be going home in early July, when the pups reach eight weeks of age. This litter is fully reserved.

Black Australian Labradoodle puppies standard Portland Seattle


Portland labradoodle breeders puppies

Our Basil (AKA Big Rock Mountain’s Valentino)

Extra puppies were born, we have spots available for standard size puppies

Mamba is a pup from Basil.





















Katie and Gunner brought us a litter of medium size pups that are going home in mid June. There are two reservation spots open in this litter of caramel, red and apricot puppies growing to 30-40 lbs.  The pups will all have a wavy fleece coat and they can be seen on our Doodle Blog page for this litter.  This combination of Katie and Gunner brings us some of the best coats and temperaments.


Australian labradoodles standard puppies cream Oregon Portland Seattle

Gunner Barley

Oregon Labradoodle puppies available now

Here they are, three weeks old.







Portland Oregon labradoodles

Three weeks old. Puppy selections will be made at seven weeks of age. Each one is special! Not a bad one in the bunch.

Zoe is one of the pups in the litter. They all look a lot alike!























Hazel and Gunner have mated to bring us beautiful medium size pups growing to 30-45 lbs., in red and apricot colors. This is Hazel’s first litter and we’re excited about this match with Gunner, who consistently brings us such outstanding pups. Hazel had an ultrasound and surprised us with news that she is carrying 8-10 pups. ! This is a new posting and the reservation list is wide open with only one pup reserved at this time. Hazel’s litter is due to arrive on or around June 11, going home in early August.  Hazel is loving and obedient, and she comes from our multi-generational line of beautiful non-shedding, fleece coats. More on Gunner and Hazel can be found under the Doodle Parents tab from our home page.  (Hazel is Molly and Basil’s daughter. No doubt, these pups will be so cute!)

Gunner loves everybody, he doesn’t even know this person he’s snuggled with! 🙂


Our Hazel loves and is loved by her guardian family. This will be Hazel’s first litter.