Our litters are fully reserved for the next six months and will reopen our reservation list winter 2021

Our litters are fully reserved, 2021 Litter Plans to be announced this fall

DUE TO THE COVID-19 CRISIS AND CONTINUAL CANCELLATIONS WITH AIRLINE FLIGHTS, WE CURRENTLY ARE ONLY ABLE TO SELL OUR PUPPIES TO LOCAL FAMILIES.  We’re having a hard time keeping up with all the phone calls and emails, but this is the best spot to keep updated on our availability.

THANK YOU FOR CHECKING US OUT! Our 2020 litters are fully reserved.  Check out the tentative plans below. We currently have a reservation list that extends to spring 2021 for our puppies.

All of our puppies are raised with the Puppy Culture philosophy and the Bio-sensor program, without compromising the best breeding in genetics, health and coat quality. Our family is committed to raising the BEST puppies, to bring joy, companionship, therapy and service to many.


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As our mamas go into heat, we will choose the best sire for each litter. We will be watching our mini, medium and standard size mamas to go into heat beginning this November, with our first litter of the year arriving in January 2021. We will do our very best to match families on our reservation list with the color and sizing they most want, and no doubt, every litter will have the same amazing temperament.  Puppy selections within a litter are done at around 7 weeks of age, in order of the reservation list. Here are the sires we will be using in 2021:

Our “Barkley” will be the sire for our medium and larger mamas. He has proven to produce amazing pups! Our newest stud, “Bear” came to us from Moonlit Acres in Vancouver and will sire some of our mini-medium size litters in 2021. When mated with our red and apricot mini mamas, we hope to produce red, black and caramel pups with solid coats or some with white markings. He is considered a “phantom” color labradoodle, and we adopted him because of the great coloring and markings he will bring to our pups. Our 30 lb. sire “Gunner,” will continue to sire litters with our mini and medium size mamas to bring us more reds and apricot pups. You can see the pups he’s produced under our Doodlemonials page. Last, we have our newest stud “McCoy” and he is a big caramel color boy that will sire a couple of litters this year with our bigger girls to bring us large, standard size labradoodles in the 50-60 lb. range.

Starlight Ridge’s Gunner Barley, mostly known as “Gunner” or “Gunny” is 30 lbs.


Oregon Red australian Labradoodle puppies

We are really proud of this boy that we got from Cedar Bend Labradoodles in Iowa. Our groomer says they think he has the best labradoodle coat they’ve worked with! He is approximately 40 lbs and brought us excellent pups this year and he will sire more litters for us in 2021.

Moonlit Acres Bear of Valley Vineyard will help bring new colors into our program and we are excited to use him in 2021.

McCoy came to us from Labradoodledoo in Gaston and we’re excited to have a larger boy to use in our program, weighing approximately 50 lbs.