More photos of our Labradoodles

VVL Collage 2014 for Web 2 smaller

Chocolate standard labradoodle puppy in Oregon, Washington and Idaho and California.

Labradoodle breeder of standard puppies in black in Portland Oregon, California, Idaho and Washington.

Australian labradoodle puppies available in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California standard, mini, medium.

Australian Labradoodle puppies in Oregon.

Don't tell dad.

Don’t tell dad.

Our puppy nursing room.

Our puppy nursing room.

Labradoodle puppies available in Oregon breeder.

Oregon breeder of labradoodle puppies in Oregon and Washington.

Labradoodle puppies red and black standard in Oregon, Washington, California and Idaho breeder.

Labradoodle red puppies available from and Oregon breeder.

Black standard Labradoodle puppies in Oregon, Washington, Portland, Idaho and California.

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