Our wonderful Basil, has officially retired

Basil, our Canadian stud brought down from Big Rock Labradoodles

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Australian Labradoodles Oregon Breeder puppiesBasil, our Canadian stud brought down from Big Rock Labradoodles

Thank you Basil, Big Rock Labradoodles, and Basil’s wonderful guardians, the Fisher family! Basil’s daughter, Ellie Taylor will now pick up the genetics and cuteness where our Basil left off!

Our “Basil” (also known as “Big Rock Labradoodle’s Valentino) is our proven stud and has impressed everyone from the beginning. Obedient, calm, gentle, confident and loving – that’s our boy. We waited for a long time for the perfect stud for our girls and he fit all that we were looking for. And now he has proven himself a true winner: having sired several litters for us and other breeders recently, his puppies are incredible! They are adorable and he produces the most calm pups! Having used many sires over the years, we see the difference in what Basil has brought to us. Yes, we’re proud.

Basil has a beautiful, soft fleece, non-shedding coat matched with a solid build. He’s a multi-generational Australian Labradoodle and comes from a great genetic line and has done well at all of his testing to qualify him for an outstanding stud.

Basil’s temperament is very special, and at only 4 months old had already begun his career in therapy work. His first outing was to a special needs classroom where he visited a room full of young children and he remained calm and gentle, allowing the kids to touch and handle him. He continued to do therapy work at nursing homes and care facilities and we’re told regularly about his excellent, gentle temperament and personality by those he meets.

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Basil at the office before leaving for his therapy work with nursing home patients.

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Basil, resting after play.


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Our sire, Basil (AKA Big Rock Mountain’s Valentino)





















We love this dog and are so thankful to Canada’s Big Rock Labradoodles for helping us make this dog part of Valley Vineyard Labradoodles.  Basil has sired many successful litters for us (and other breeders) and we couldn’t be happier with what he’s producing! He’s a proven stud, with a great track record of healthy pups with beautiful coats and healthy genetics. He is available for stud service to other registered breeders. We’re so proud of our Basil!

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Basil puppy, “Linguine.”

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Basil Pup, “Noah.” From our 2017 Bible Litter.

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Basil’s pup, “Luke.”

Basil stud service Oregon labradoodles

Two of Basil’s pups run into each other at the parkand they sent us a picture!

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Basil Pup, “Goofy” from our 2018 Disney Litter

Name: Big Rock’s Valentino, also knows as “Basil”
ALAA Registration Number:   ALAA-041046
HEALTH TESTING Eyes Certified CERF clear, OFA hips and elbows Good, DNA Profile on file, PRA cleared by parentage, IC clear, EIC clear, VWD clear, additional disease testing on file: all clear. Coat Bbee.
Date Of Birth: 27-Jan-2015
Sire: Labradoodles by Design’s Chocolate Explosion at Oodles of Labradoodles
Dam: Big Rock’s Sugarbaker
Breed: Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle
Body Size: 20 inches, 40 lbs., Medium size
Pattern: solid
Color: cream/apricot, color code Bbee
Coat: fleece, non-shedding