Valley Vineyard’s Chloe Bella

Chloe Bella

We loved the name “Chloe,” and Chloe’s guardian family loved the name “Bella,” so now she is “Chloe Bella,” but mostly known as just “Bella.” This girl is as beautiful as her mama Ella, who is retired, and Bella carries on the beautiful red coat DNA and like her mama, hasn’t faded like most reds do. Bella now passed all of her extensive medical and lab testing (we do everything we can to rule out every disease that could have passed down from the lab or poodle!) and she brings us puppies with great temperaments and genetics.

Bella loves the beach, long walks, running marathons with her human mom, going to the park, and snuggling.


Bella willing to play house when the other kids are at school. We love this dog!



Bella is a snuggler, and she loves her humans.

















Here are the details on our Chloe Bella:

Variety Multigen Australian Labradoodle, ALAA-056899
DOB January 17, 2017
Sire Big Rock’s Valentino (Best known as our “Basil”)
Dam Valley Vineyard’s Ella
Coat Wavy Fleece (non-shedding)
Color Red, Color DNA code Bbee
Size Approx.40 pounds, 20″ tall at the shoulder
Health Clearances Hips-pennhip .50, OFA good hips, Elbows-OFA normal, CERF-normal, PRA clear via parentage, vWD Clear, DNA Profiling Complete, IC (Improper Coat) Clear, Disease panel All Clear