Gretel is our newest mama to bring us more reds

Gretel is our gentle, loving red girl that will bring us medium multi-generational Australian Labradoodles in the 30-35 lb. range. We are so excited that Gretel has passed all of her extensive testing and lab work, passed everything and now is ready to have her first litter this summer. They don’t get much sweeter than Gretel. Gretel will be mated with our Gunner to bring us a litter of red puppies that will be outstanding in every way.  Gretel lives with our wonderful guardian family in Salem that also has our Hazel. Together, the “sisters” romp and play and mostly, snuggle. We are thankful to Jennifer and John that take outstanding care of her as her forever family.

Gretel as a puppy.

Oregon Labradoodles

She gets to go on the furniture because she doesn’t shed. (And because we love her.)









Variety Multigen Australian Labradoodle, ALAA-069094
DOB March 6, 2018
Sire Mount Park’s Dillon Landry
Dam Valley Vineyard’s Riley
Coat Wavy Fleece (non-shedding)
Color Red with white markings
Size 32 pounds, 17? tall
Health Clearances Hips-OFA Fair, pennhip .48, Elbows-OFA normal, CERF-normal, PRA clear via parentage, vWD Clear