Emery, our loving standard with a beautiful coat

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Emery is happy and LOVES to snuggle.

Emery, our loving standard with a beautiful coat.

Emery has been a great mama for us and she will retire after her final litter this summer.

Emery is our standard girl, with a beautiful, black coat. Emery, was born out of our beautiful Molly and a stud from Orchard View Labradoodles in the state of Washington. We’re proud of Emery and her wonderful temperament as a smart, loyal and extremely affectionate, genuine multi-generational Australian Labradoodle. After passing all of her extensive testing to be qualified to breed, she has has produced 3 litters for us with one final litter to come in the summer of 2019. She brings us red, black and caramel offspring.

We can honestly say, you will not find a dog more loving than Emery, or one with a softer coat. She lives in a guardian home with our friends and she is loved by all of us (including their family cat, we think)!


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Name: Valley Vineyard’s Emery
ALAA Registration Number:   ALAA-041046
HEALTH TESTING Eyes Certified CERF clear, OFA Fair, DNA Profile complete, PRA cleared by parentage
Date Of Birth: Feb 01, 2015
Sire: Orchard View’s Deacon of Bedrock
Dam: Valley Vineyard’s Molly
Breed: Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle
Body Size: 22 inches, 50 lbs., Standard size
Pattern: solid
Color: Black
Coat: fleece, non-shedding