Pricing and More

Labradoodle puppy pricing and more

Vancouver and Portland and Seattle labradoodle puppies in chocolate and cream.

We love our puppies and we believe all the work we are doing with them here is important in giving them the BEST temperaments and helping them to be prepared for their forever families. Check out our testimonials page and picture gallery to see what we’re about. Our puppies are in our home with us, exposed to all the noises of daily living and surrounded by people that love them. We do the Bio-Sensor method with each puppy, crate training, lots of baths and holding time with us in our home daily. We’re proud of the fact that many of our dogs go on to do therapy work.

Cautions on dog food, training Tips and more….

Your dog trusts you. So we want to help you to try to be the owner/parent they already believe you are! Here are some resources  (just click on websites) to help you feed your dog food that their bodies can use to stay healthy. Here are some links for training tips too.  We hope you’ll find…

Training and Socialization

Each puppy we sell receives socialization with children and adults, along with other dogs, to ensure a smooth transition into their new homes. We expose our puppies to early neurological stimulation during the first week after birth. This stimulation enhances the trainability of the puppy. In addition, our puppies are exposed to early crate training and lots…

Other Recommended Breeders

We want you to be careful of the scams out there including fake websites and pictures, and to be careful to find a breeder that invests in the temperament of each puppy they sell. We realize we may not have the puppy you are looking for, available when you want him!  But we want to help…..…