Doodle Parents

Valley Vineyard’s Annie Ruby has retired

Our Annie Ruby brought us three wonderful litters and she was an awesome mama! She is enjoying life in retirement with her forever human in Beaverton.  Thank you Annie Ruby, and a special thanks to her forever guardian, Leslie, for helping us in our program to bring great pups into the world.    * *…

Valley Vineyard’s Katie has retired

Katie has delivered her last litter and will enter retirement with her forever guardian family. Katie has been a very special mama, dearly loved by us and her guardian family, and it’s time for her to rest and just enjoy life! We’re thankful for the three litters of beautiful pups that Katie brought into the…

Valley Vineyard’s Ellie Taylor has retired

Our Ellie Taylor (mostly known as “Taylor”) comes from a long line of multi-generational Australian Labradoodles and has a great coat, a sweet, loving temperament and is also gentle and playful.  She loves fetch and long walks, but mostly, she loves being close and trying to climb into the laps of her humans.

Valley Vineyard’s Roo has retired

Australian Labradoodles Oregon Breeder

Our sweet Roo, 55 lbs, has retired. She’s done a great job and brought us three wonderful litters of pups. Now she can settle in for nothing but rest and play with her forever guardian family in Canby. You can see her pups under the Doodle Blog and Doodlemonials pages. Roo is happy and quiet,…