Our Sires

Meet our new stud, Bear

Our new stud puppy has grown up, surpassed all his health and genetic testing and we are excited he’s here! We adopted “Moonlit Acres Spoiled Rotten” last year, now mostly known as our “Bear.”  We carefully selected Bear because of his wonderful temperament, great structure and coat, and his healthy genetics. He’s about 30 lbs,…

Our newest stud Barkley comes to us from the midwest

Portland Oregon Labradoodles

We’re thankful to Cedar Bend Labradoodles in Iowa for this amazing new stud that has joined our program.  Barkley just completed all of his extensive health and genetic testing and brings us wonderful red pups with non-shedding fleece coats and outstanding genetics. Barkley is happy, loving, loyal, gentle, and intelligent. He lives with his forever…

Our standard stud, Dundee, is available for stud service

Australian labradoodle red stud standard Portland Oregon Washington

He has passed all of his extensive medical testing, and is getting ready to be part of our breeding program as our new red stud, bringing his great genetic traits to be passed on to wonderful offspring. We love this boy and are proud that he has developed into everything we hoped for! Here he is, our wonderful solid new standard size stud…

Our stud, Gunner Barley

He passed all his health and DNA testing and is our proven sire that has now brought us many litters with his same beautiful coat and genetics. He’s about 30 lbs, and has a sweet, calm and obedient temperament – and he’s smart too! We’re very thankful to Starlight Ridge Labradoodles for allowing us to adopt our special Gunner Barley.