Our Mamas

Valley Vineyard’s Riley

Australian Labradoodle puppies available now Oregon Washington

Riley is our special, quirky and playful larger mini that has passed all of her required genetic and health testing and has brought us pups as cute and loving as she is. Her previous litters can be seen under the “Doodle Blog” tab. She is dear to us and loved by everyone. She loves to…

Valley Vineyard’s Roo

Australian Labradoodles Oregon Breeder

Our sweet Roo, 55 lbs, is our standard sized girl that brings us large pups growing in the 45-60 lb. range. You can see her pups under the Doodle Blog and Doodlemonials pages. Roo is happy and quiet, loves her family (especially her human papa!) and has an extremely gentle temperament. She loves hugs and…