Our Mamas

Valley Vineyard’s Hazel

Hazel, brings us beautiful red and apricot puppies with her same temperament:  gentle, loving, highly intelligent, quiet and submissive. Hazel has a soft, apricot, non-shedding coat and is calm and obedient, very loyal to her humans.  We see Hazel with a special awareness and intuitiveness towards her humans – making for great therapy work.  Hazel…

Valley Vineyard’s Katie

Katie wrapped her paws around our hearts with her sweetness when she was a young pup! We just had to keep this one. Tears were shed when she passed all her testing because it was time to place her in a guardian home. (I want them ALL, but family says there has to be a limit!) …

Valley Vineyard’s Piper

Valley Vineyard’s Piper Piper is our larger mini, 25 lbs., and her size, temperament, obedience and gentle nature makes her as perfect as they come for small kids, seniors and laps. Therapy is her middle name! She loves to sit and snuggle, not into rough play, and is a happy, quiet dog. She watches and…

Gracie, our beautiful black standard

black labradoodles standard size

Gracie comes from our wonderful line out of our original and first Australian Labradoodle, Molly. Molly has produced wonderful offspring, excellent in every way concerning temperament and genetics. Gracie is no exception! Gracie is loyal and gentle, and has passed all of her medical and DNA testing to produce excellent puppies.