Our Mamas

Valley Vineyard’s Annie Ruby

Valley Vineyard’s Annie Ruby is from our mini, therapy line and has a beautiful non-shedding red-apricot coat. Annie Ruby will have her first litter this winter, with our sire Gunner, and they’ll bring us red and apricot pups. Annie Ruby lives with her loving guardian in Beaverton, Oregon. She’s a great companion and she enjoys…

Valley Vineyard’s Lilly

She’s calm, gentle, loyal and very smart. Lilly is from our therapy line and she brings joy and comfort wherever she goes. Everybody loves Lilly! Lilly is obedient and easy to have around. Everybody loves Lilly!

Valley Vineyard’s Chloe Bella

We loved the name “Chloe,” and Chloe’s guardian family loved the name “Bella,” so now she is “Chloe Bella,” but mostly known as just “Bella.” This girl is as beautiful as her mama Ella, who is retired, and Bella carries on the beautiful red coat DNA and like her mama, hasn’t faded like most reds…

Lizzy, our largest and chocolatiest Doodle!

Lizzy is our dark chocolate girl that has maintained her beautiful color (often chocolates fade) and she is expected to bring us a litter of puppies this summer. Lizzy makes her way into the heart of anyone that spends any time at all with her. She’s quiet, and follows her family around the house as a very loyal companion. We all love this dog so much.