Our Mamas

Valley Vineyard’s Ellie Taylor

Our Ellie Taylor (mostly known as “Taylor”) comes from a long line of multi-generational Australian Labradoodles and has a great coat, a sweet, loving temperament and is also gentle and playful.  She loves fetch and long walks, but mostly, she loves being close and trying to climb into the laps of her humans.

Gretel brings us more reds

Gretel is our gentle, loving red girl that brings us medium multi-generational Australian Labradoodles in the 30-35 lb. range. We are so excited that Gretel has passed all of her extensive testing and lab work and has had just her first litter. They don’t get much sweeter or smarter, than Gretel. She brings us red…

Valley Vineyard’s Clara Jane

Clara Jane was born out of our therapy line from our Piper. She’s a faithful, gentle dog that stays close and is loved by her guardian family. She has a reddish-apricot, non-shedding, fleece coat. She is everything we expect out this line:  loyal, obedient and such a sweet, and easy companion. She lives with her…