Doodle Parents

Meet our new stud, Bear

Our new stud puppy has grown up, surpassed all his health and genetic testing and we are excited he’s here! We adopted “Moonlit Acres Spoiled Rotten” last year, now mostly known as our “Bear.”  We carefully selected Bear because of his wonderful temperament, great structure and coat, and his healthy genetics. He’s about 30 lbs,…

Abby, our new mini mama

As some of our mamas will retire soon, we are so glad we can add Abby to help us continue our great lineup of mamas with amazing temperaments to bring joy and even healing, to so many.  And she’s just the right size for laps, car rides and lots of snuggles! 

Valley Vineyard’s Ellie Taylor

Our Ellie Taylor (mostly known as “Taylor”) comes from a long line of multi-generational Australian Labradoodles and has a great coat, a sweet, loving temperament and is also gentle and playful.  She loves fetch and long walks, but mostly, she loves being close and trying to climb into the laps of her humans.