Our Dogs

Lizzy, our largest and chocolatiest Doodle!

Lizzy is our large, dark chocolate girl that has maintained her beautiful color (often chocolates fade) and will have a litter of puppies with Basil soon. Lizzy makes her way into the heart of anyone that spends any time at all with her. She’s quiet, and follows her family around the house as a very loyal companion.

Basil, our Canadian stud brought down from Big Rock Labradoodles

Labradoodle puppies summer standard and medium in Oregon and Washington.

Obedient, gentle, confident and loving – that’s our boy. We waited for a long time for the perfect stud for our girls and he fit all that we were looking for. Basil, our genuine multi-generational Australian Labradoodle from an excellent blood line with excellence in genetics and testing results: we couldn’t be more happy with the puppies he’s been producing for us! Now a proven stud that is golden (in a cream sort of way!)

Valley Vineyard’s Hazel

Oregon labradoodles

Hazel, has passed all of her testing and is now part of our breeding program! She brings us beautiful red and apricot puppies. Hazel has a soft, apricot, non-shedding coat and is calm and obedient, gentle and very loyal to her humans. She loves to snuggle and stays close by. Hazel’s favorite thing (besides her…

Valley Vineyard’s Katie

Katie wrapped her paws around our hearts with her sweetness when she was a young pup! We just had to keep this one. Tears were shed when she passed all her testing because it was time to place her in a guardian home. (I want them ALL, but family says there has to be a limit!) …