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Lizzie and Beau’s puppies are with their forever families

We are so appreciative of all of the families that chose us and so thankful each of them found us! Once again, it was a good send-off for each pup and we’re hearing lots of good reports that the pups are great and there’s a happily ever after with each adoption. Aside from that, these families helped us help some kids in Uganda. Happiness all around!

Roo and Basil’s puppies are with their forever families

Roo’s puppies have all gone home to live with their forever families, and it’s been bittersweet to say good-bye again. Thank you to all of the great families that joined us through adoption! By adopting a puppy from us from Roo and Basil’s litter, we were able to donate $2,100 ($300 from each puppy adoption) to Amazima Ministries to help children in Uganda eat and live. Yay!

Piper and Flash’s pups are home

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Well, we’ve successfully sent off another litter to go home to live with wonderful families. We’ve heard great reports from all so far, and we’re expecting “happily ever after.”