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Hazel and Gunner’s puppies are growing up!

Five weeks old and doing great! They are eating well, playing hard, and still so loving and wanting to settle down in our arms quickly. They track us as they watch us closely (something we always like to see in a loving, connected pup) and they are growing in confidence daily. We don’t see timidity, we see calm, adaptable pups that have been challenged and conditioned, exposed to many experiences, sounds, people and surroundings, and well on their way to a great life. . .

Gracie and Basil’s puppies are home

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We’re thankful to each of the great families that chose us and their new family member from Valley Vineyard Labradoodles. We know each of these puppies will be loved and cared for with the right mix of hugs, exercise and playtime. We hope car rides, hiking trips and snuggles in bed are all part of the mix too! Because of the wonderful families that choose us and supported us with this litter, we are able to give another $1,800.00  to Amazima Ministries so that a group of kids in Uganda can enjoy another day to eat, learn and simply live. 

Katie and Gunner’s puppies are home!

We’re thankful to all of the families that trusted us with their next family member and we know they’ll do a great job. Because of their support and their adoption, we were able to contribute $2,400.00 to Amazima Ministries so that a bunch of kids in Uganda can learn, eat, and simply LIVE.   Our puppies will be bringing joy for years to come, not just here in the U.S., but across the world.