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Hazel and Gunner’s 2020 litter has arrived!

Our first litter of the year has arrived! We are very excited. They are all beautiful shades of red/caramel and are all nursing and thriving. All of the puppies have good weights. We welcome eight boys and four girls from Hazel and Gunner!

Annie Ruby and Gunner’s puppies are home

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Annie Ruby’s pups went home last week and the puppy room is empty. Honestly, the house feels just a bit colder with no puppies here to snuggle with. Each pup went to a wonderful, loving family and we know they will all have happy lives. Because these families chose us, we were able to give $1,200.00 to Amazima Ministries so that a bunch of kids in Uganda can go to school and can EAT! Thank you to Toy Story Litter families! 

Hazel and Gunner’s puppies are home

The pups have all gone home to their forever families and the puppy play pen is empty. Always bittersweet at our house. The pups all went to great homes though and we know they will be loved and well cared for! We’re thankful for each of the families that found us and supported us, and because of them our pups have great homes and because of them we were able to donate $3,000.00 to Amazima ministries to help a bunch of kids in Uganda eat, learn and simply live! 

Gretel’s puppies are home with their forever families

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We are proud of how far they had come in their conditioning and we know they are each going to a great home with loving families that will complete the work to raise them into outstanding dogs for life! We are so thankful for the families that chose us and we know we carefully selected the best!