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Lizzy and Basil’s pups went home

Because of this litter and the families that supported us (along with our team of helpers!), we were able to contribute $3,900.00 to Amazima Ministries to help children in Uganda, eat, learn and simply LIVE! That feels good. It’s not just about all the hugs and smiles (and some tears) we got when turning the pups over to their new families. It’s about the children thousands of miles away that will never meet a Labradoodle, but will have the joy of a bed to sleep in and a hot meal, because another litter of puppies was born in Dundee, Oregon.

Bella and Gunner’s puppies are growing!

Oregon labradoodles

Bella’s puppies are three weeks old now. Everybody is healthy and doing very well. They are hearing now and this week we focus on sound desensitization as we continue to hold and interact with them to keep up the human interactions.

Annie Ruby and Gunner’s pups are with their forever families

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All of Ruby and Gunner’s pups have gone home to live with their forever families. We’re hearing good reports that everyone is settling in nicely to their happily ever after. This was a special litter, for sure. We’re thrilled to see all the happiness created by this litter of pups. ….