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Bella and Gunner’s puppies are getting ready to go home

The pups all check out with excellent temperaments, love humans and are mostly calm and quiet the majority of the day with us here. We’ve not seen one pup that exhibits timidity, aggression, or high energy. (Just normal pup energy that we expect in any healthy, active pup.) All show to be loving, loyal pups that want to please and interact with their humans. They will all bond easily with their new families and thrive on positive reinforcement and attention from their humans.  Every pup is very comfortable being picked up by strangers. They are all well socialized!

Katie and Gunner’s puppies are here!

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They are much more interactive now, playing with each other and very aware of the humans around them. They make eye contact, come over and are use the litter box like champs! They are well into their sound desensitization, and they don’t startle at clanging noises. All good. It’s a quiet litter, pretty calm it seems most of the day. Here they are at four weeks old. . . .

Lizzy and Basil’s pups went home

Because of this litter and the families that supported us (along with our team of helpers!), we were able to contribute $3,900.00 to Amazima Ministries to help children in Uganda, eat, learn and simply LIVE! That feels good. It’s not just about all the hugs and smiles (and some tears) we got when turning the pups over to their new families. It’s about the children thousands of miles away that will never meet a Labradoodle, but will have the joy of a bed to sleep in and a hot meal, because another litter of puppies was born in Dundee, Oregon.

Lilly and Gunner’s puppies have arrived

Lilly’s puppies are three weeks old and they are doing well.  They are more alert, make eye contact and are walking around.  Still, mostly they sleep.  🙂  It’s pretty quiet in their pen as we watch them eat and sleep. We know that is about to change!