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Hazel and Gunner’s puppies are home

The pups have all gone home to their forever families and the puppy play pen is empty. Always bittersweet at our house. The pups all went to great homes though and we know they will be loved and well cared for! We’re thankful for each of the families that found us and supported us, and because of them our pups have great homes and because of them we were able to donate $3,000.00 to Amazima ministries to help a bunch of kids in Uganda eat, learn and simply live! 

Winnie and Basil’s pups are with their forever families

Winnie’s pups are progressing exactly as we hoped. They are all confident, smart and getting more and more used to being away from their pack for leash training, crate training and time in another room on somebody’s lap. This is all important because the adjustment of leaving their litter is always hard. . . .

Gretel and Gunner’s pups are getting bigger!

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They are quite used to all kinds of sounds at this point and they don’t startle easily at all anymore. This is all part of creating non-reactive pups that grow up to be dogs without anxiety and pretty chilled out about everything! They do cry when they want mama, but a bowl of mushy kibble quiets them right down. They do love to eat! Ha, ha. And we love that because we don’t want skinny pups!  Here they are at five weeks old, posing nicely for all of you for their picture.  The next individual pictures will be posted again at seven weeks old, along with official weights from the vet. Wow, time if flying by! . . . . .

Annie Ruby’s pups have arrived!

Oregon labradoodle breeders guardianship program

Touch is our main connection to them at this point and this is why baths, massages and the bio-sensor program are important.  We are already conditioning them before they see or hear. We know the impact of this early stage and we know the results will be really good!Here are some pictures we took of The Toy Story Litter today, at nine days old!