Doodle Blog

Taylor and Barkley’s puppies are home

All of the pups have left now and the pen is empty. Always a little sad. But we are careful about each and every home selected and we know that all of these puppies will be well loved. We’re thankful for each family that chose us, and because of them (and Taylor and Barkley of course) we were able to donate $3,000.00 to Amazima Ministries and World Relief to help children in Africa eat and live, and to help refugees, immigrants, and displaced families at our border and elsewhere. Thank you to everyone that helps us help others! 

Lizzy and Basil’s puppies are home with their forever families

We’re thankful to all of the families that found us and chose us for their puppy adoption. Because of this litter and the support of our families, we were able to donate $3,000.00 to Amazima Ministries today, so that a bunch of kids in Uganda can eat, learn, and simply live!  Lizzy did an awesome job and we’re also thankful to our guardian families and our family and friends that all played a part in bringing these cutie pies into the world. Feeling grateful.

Katie and Barkley’s puppies are getting ready for home

We completed temperament testing today. Everyone is ready for home. All of the pups are tracking us, watching us closely and they stay close. They all are following our leads, are submissive and smart. All of them thrive on human interaction.  Being with their humans for time in a lap is extremely important to each and every one of them. They will want to be beside you all day, but they are getting used to alone time in a crate and learning to be content on their own too. We’ll continue crate training for 1-2 hours a day to help them prepare for home. . . .

Lilly and Gunner’s Autumn Litter is doing well

They are doing very well at using the litter box (no accidents in a long time) and they will start crate training this week. They are unfazed by any scary sounds we play now. Everything is becoming “no big deal” just as we expect. They started on kibble this week. A big step toward separating from mama and becoming independent. At this point, they’ve had lots and lots of baths, and they’re getting more comfortable with the blow dryer as well. Everything is going well here. Here they are. . .