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Adopting a puppy from us helps feed a starving child

Australian Labradoodle breeder

Adopting a puppy from us helps feed a starving child We’re committed to helping to bring love & joy into the world through our puppies. Many of our pups go on to become therapy dogs, others grow up just to bring joy and companionship to their families. But that’s not all. We’re committed to taking…

Why buy a labradoodle puppy from us?

So what makes us different? Early pup training begins with the Dr. Battaglia’s Bio Sensor program at day three to help stimulate them neurologically, litter box training in the earliest weeks to prepare them for the next stage of potty training, emotional conditioning at every important stage, and early crate training in their final weeks with us to prepare them for their forever homes. What’s special about us is the amount of individual time we invest in each puppy, the Bio-Sensor method and socializing we do, and the meticulous care we take in choosing a stud and caring for our pups. We take the time to really invest and give our BEST to each puppy before and after they leave our home. Because of the emotional conditioning and care we give, many of our pups leave our home and further their training to become service and therapy dogs. Excellence in early puppy care is essential to the lifetime quality, personality and temperament of a dog. Most adult dog behavior problems stem from training, neglect or fear issues that occurred in the earliest days, weeks and months of a puppy’s life. We do temperament testing on each puppy at seven weeks of age to make sure we haven’t missed anything and that their temperament is solid. We use the testing scores to ensure that we’ve successfully conditioned each and every puppy to be ready for their forever home, with great confidence, people connection skills, and intelligence –  to be a service dog, a therapy pup, or just a great companion! Check out our Doodlemonials page and our Doodle Blog pages to get a closer look at what we do here. We love what we do!

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After being dog lovers for many years, eventually our family fell in love with the puppy experience when our Golden Retriever Emma “accidentally” got pregnant with the neighbor’s dog in 2002. We learned (unexpectedly) that raising puppies was a beautiful, rewarding experience and we couldn’t get enough of it. In 2010, we became an Oregon breeder of authentic Australian Labradoodles, one of the best breeds you can find. Our dogs are members of our family or live with loving, carefully selected guardian families; never in a kennel, and each dog and pup is loved individually. We breed only the best based on thorough testing of eyes, hips, elbows,coats, DNA genetic disease screening, and of course, temperaments. Pedigree examination is important for every dog in our breeding program. Healthy dogs with a great life span come out of incredibly healthy lines! Our dogs are raised in our home, receiving all the love, socialization and basics of family life living. You’ll find them stretched out on our sofa in typical Doodle style (on their backs) or hopping in the car to run errands with us. Every dog and puppy matters as one of God’s creation. Great care is what they deserve. Some of the most important work we do here with the puppies is the bio-sensor program, “emotional conditioning,” and crate training to help them transition more easily into their forever homes. This is all super important. Read on to learn more.