Piper and Gunner’s puppies

June 30, 2020 – Piper and Gunner’s puppies have arrived! Piper actually started acting “funny” on Sunday morning, and she seemed very uncomfortable and we knew something was up. When labor wasn’t happening, and with her discomfort (she was big!), we decided with our vet to do a C-section for the safety and health of mama and pups. The babies were totally ready to come out, with little room left in there! Piper’s seven beautiful pups were delivered Sunday evening, and we’re happy to say they are all healthy and mama is recovering nicely.

One day old.









There have been no complications, and pups arrived with good weights and latched on to nurse immediately. Mama has barely left them, and we even have to coax her to go outside to do her business. We have four boys, and three girls. All are red or caramel and a few have white markings. All is well and every pup has continually gained weight since they arrived on June 28.