Hazel and Gunner’s H Adjective Litter is doing great

February 19, 2020 – Time is going so fast at our house! Pups are four weeks old today and doing great. They are slurping (loudly) puppy formula with supplements twice a day to give mama a break and to keep them well nourished. Twelve pups is a lot and often with a litter this size, pups aren’t as plump (they always catch up!) They’ll start on mushy kibble this weekend. Today we had fun taking group pictures. So excited to post them!  Don’t ask us who’s who…. they all still look alike, especially when they’re in a big group or moving around the pen. We track them by collar colors.  Surely, we’ll memorize who is who (we hope) by the time they leave us. They are all adorable. They come over to us now and make eye contact. They are loving and engaging with all the humans that care for them and they’re well on their way to being so socialized. They’re gaining confidence more and more as we work with them. Here they are!

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Hazel and Gunner make gorgeous puppies!

We are falling in love over here.











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After pictures, this one fell right to sleep on the couch. They still can’t stay awake for very long. 🙂










We wait patiently for everyone to get settled for their photo. 🙂













One just wants to go back to sleep.






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We just want to snuggle.













































Here’s just the girls:



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Hippy is the biggest and Honey is the smallest. Hippy clearly has mama’s DNA. Honey will be smaller like dad.

Just the girls.










 And here are the boys:


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The boys.



That’s a wrap!





February 11, 2020 – Hazel’s puppies are almost three weeks old so it time to post some individual pictures so you can finally see who’s who. They are getting cuter every day! They have amazing puppy breath, they love being held and their temperaments are already forming through the conditioning we are doing.  We completed the bio-sensor program, and amazingly, they are already so non-reactive. If we hold them upside down (one of the bio-sensor steps), they don’t even seem to care. This week they are more engaging with us and with each other. Today they started to wrestle. It won’t be long before they can hear, start eating mushy kibble and learn to use a litter box in their pen. It’s been a few months and it’s fun for all of us to have puppies in the house again!  Here they are…..

The Girls

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The Boys

















































February 7, 2020 – Here are some more pictures to show the puppies at two weeks old. They are getting around a lot more today and they are becoming more alert. The real fun is about to begin!  We are excited.  We’ll post individual pictures of each puppy next week at three weeks old.

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The Girls: Hippy, Hazy, Harmonious and Honey

















Boys, group one. They all still mostly sleep, but they will start playing and engaging more in the upcoming week. 🙂

The Boys, group one.


The boys, group two.

The boys, group two.
















February 4, 2020 – The pups are doing very well! They’ve gained a lot of weight and they continue get stronger each day. Mama is so patient to make sure they all get their share of food and she stays nearby at all times. The room is really quiet all day; they still mostly just eat and sleep. They are well into their Bio-sensor conditioning that we do with them daily. They’ve had  a couple of baths already and they are massaged and snuggled by human hands daily. We see their progress as we can tell that they love being held now. They’re very different than how they were when we started holding them at day three.

The exciting news today is that several of them opened their eyes and we’ve seen a few of them getting up and walking (wobbling!) around the pen. It’s been almost four months since we’ve had puppies here and we’re so ready to see them up and about and playing in the play area. It won’t be long now!  (We’ve posted a video of them on Instagram so be sure to check it out.)

Here they are at almost two weeks old.  (I think we’re going to have a really hard time telling these pups apart. Good thing they all have colored collars!)

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It’s amazing they all get fed somehow. We still rotate them a bit, but we don’t need to supplement with tube feeding anymore. Everyone makes their way to mama.

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Their play structure sits nearby. Hard to believe they’ll be running around and playing in a couple of weeks!









Our Piper knows she’s not allowed in the puppy room yet. She’s waiting patiently for them to grow up so she can finally come in. 🙂













January 29, 2020 – Hazel is doing very well and she has been a wonderful mama. She’s super attentive to them round the clock and it even takes effort to get her to leave them so she can go potty outside. She’s made our job easier as we watch her care for her babies.

We weigh the pups regularly to make sure all of them are gaining weight as they should. As expected with a litter this size, we have been supplementing their food supply by tube feeding them once or twice a day to make sure all of them are getting all the nutrition they need. There’s been no worries at all, since we’ve continued to see them thrive. Some are smaller than others of course, because mama and sire are different sizes. We suspect the smaller pups will continue smaller, making it clear as weeks go by, that they carry dad’s DNA (he is only 30 lbs.)

Here are some pictures we took today to show the litter at one week old. Their eyes won’t open for another week and they won’t hear until about three weeks old. But we can reach them through touch, and that is our focus. We started the bio-sensor program at day four, and do five steps on each pup daily to stimulate them neurologically. We are also massaging them daily to help them become very comfortable with human touch. Each day we see the progress. Each week is critical in the steps we do, and week one has been a success.

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They stay really close to mama even when they’re not nursing.

We limit anyone going into Hazel’s room, because mama has to learn to trust us with her babies. We did have one student volunteer come to the house today to hold puppies and we watched Hazel learn to trust her. If mama gets nervous, the risk is that she will lay on her babies thinking she is protecting them. As you can see in the pictures, we haven’t put down bedding yet. This is necessary with larger mamas, the floor of the pen must be bare to allow pups the ease of scooting away so less chance of mama laying on them or them getting tangled in blankets. In a week or so, we’ll add bedding to the pen.  We will post on this blog about once a week to keep everyone updated.  Individual puppy pictures will be posted starting at three weeks old.

Mama Hazel in her pen. She keeps close watch on anyone coming in the whelping room at this point.

Oregon Australian Labradoodles puppies

We love our friends and family that are involved in helping us raise the pups! Here’s one of our helpers massaging a pup.




























January 22, 2020 – Hazel still wasn’t in labor as of this morning so we took her to the vet, and it was agreed that it was time for the pups to come out! Pups were clearly ready, and so Hazel had a c-section and twelve puppies (eight boys, four girls) were delivered! We are very excited. They are all beautiful shades of red/caramel and are all nursing and thriving. All of the puppies have good weights ranging between 10-13 ounces.

Mama is very tired and is sleeping as they nurse. We are monitoring pups closely (as we always do the first few days) to make sure pups are rotated and all getting fed.  All of the pups latched on quickly to mama today and look healthy!