Gretel and Gunner’s pups are here!

Here’s messy Gretel in labor with several pups nursing. (This seems wrong!) Ha, ha. She’s did great. No problems.

August 13, 2019 – Gretel surprised us and brought us six healthy, beautiful red pups two days early! They arrived with great birth weights, so apparently, they were done in there. They are nursing well at one day old, and Gretel did a good job with no problems. She’s taking great care of her pack. As a new mama, she jumped right in with cautiously watching over them and making sure they are all okay at every moment. It’s tough getting her to leave them even to do her business outside!  All of the puppies seem to be thriving. We’ll weigh them regularly, as we always do that first week, and are watching closely. We see all of them are doing well! Gretel’s ultrasound seemed to indicate a couple more pups, but sometimes the vet is off in his count due to shadows or something.  The litter is fully reserved now and thankfully, we didn’t have to turn anyone away that had been waiting.   Gretel and Gunner gave us  three red girls and three red boys. Some have a few limited white markings. We think this is going to be a beautiful litter – well, look at the parents! Here they are…….

Six nursing pups!


Gretel and pups, only a few hours old here. Moved into a regular pen with a guardrail to keep mama from accidentally laying back on a pup.