Gretel and Barkley’s litter is doing well

March 30, 2020 – Gretel’s puppies are two weeks old and still mostly just sleep and eat. But it won’t be long before they are more alert, hearing and moving around. Gretel is a great mama and attentive to their every need and mostly, they don’t need to move much when there’s a litter of six and plenty of food to go around. Their eyes are open now, but still they are pretty sleepy. Once they are more active and playing and wrestling, we’ll start posting them on Instagram and Facebook. Next week we will see them change a lot. Here they are at two weeks old!

The Girls




Gretchen showing off her white chest


















The Boys

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Gil – Anyone seen “What About Bob?” We had to have a Gil. 🙂


















March 23, 2020 – Gretel’s puppies are a week old and they are doing well and gaining weight. They are being massaged and snuggled and they are doing their bio-sensor program daily now. Mama Gretel is also doing well and being a great mama again, with her second litter. Here is another glimpse of these pups. They basically just eat and sleep and that’s about all that’s happening for a little while. In a week, we hope to have pictures with their eyes open!  Here are the three boys and three girls from Gretel and Barkley! We are happy to welcome: Gretchen, Gabby, Gwen, Gil, Gary, and Gus.

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The Boys


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The Girls









March 15, 2020 –  Gretel’s puppies started arriving around midnight last night, and today we have six healthy pups! They have good weights, are latching on, and mama and pups are doing great. We have three boys and three girls and we’re excited to welcome Gretel’s new puppies!  Gretel and the pups are at our friends home, nearby. They have helped us with whelping and raising our pups for years. Mama and puppies will stay there for a couple of weeks until they come to us so that we can continue all of their conditioning and care to ready them for life!  Here they are. . .

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Gretel’s puppies during their first day of life.

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