Ellie Taylor and Barkley’s puppies

July 1, 2020 – Taylor’s puppies are starting to open their eyes! They are being massaged regularly but mostly, they still mostly nurse and sleep. Mama is watching over them 24/7.  Here they are at two weeks old!


The Boys























The Girls



Proud mama.


















And more shots of the litter……



The guard rail around the pen is still important to keep the pups from getting crushed by mama.


































June 24, 2020 – The pups are a week old now and though they still look the same (they will for a little while yet), they’ve gained a lot of weight. Mama Taylor is very protective of her litter, and she doesn’t want us taking them away from her for pictures. We quickly take a few pictures when we can, after we finish massaging them and doing their daily bio-sensor program. No eyes opened yet, as that doesn’t happen until about two weeks old. We’ll post more after their eyes open, but here’s a glimpse of them over the past several days.

Day three

Day five

Day five










One week old

Day six. They’re starting to squirm away from the pack a little more.

One week old.














June 18, 2020 – Ellie Taylor (mostly known as “Taylor”) began labor in the early hours yesterday and by 7 am. she had delivered ten pups:  three boys and seven girls. All are red (we are finding that Barkley has a very dominant red gene) and they are all nursing and thriving.  There were no complications with labor or delivery and Taylor is being an attentive mama and has barely left their side. We are watching them closely, and all seem healthy and strong.  It’s a busy summer, with a few mamas all having gone into heat at the same time. Starting this week, we have helpers here seven days a week, from morning until 9 pm each day to help make sure every pup is getting the care they need and no steps are missed. Here are a few pictures of mama and pups.

Only several hours old.

The black rail around the pen helps pups stay safe and prevents mama from accidentally rolling on top of them.