Janie and Gunner’s pups are doing great

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A little boy pup sleeping.

February 17, 2020 – Janie’s puppies are one week old today and they’re doing well! They’ve all gained a lot of weight and are getting stronger every day. They still just eat and sleep all day. They’re able to crawl to mama but that’s about it. There won’t be much action for another week or two.  They don’t like to be taken from mama, but we pulled them away quickly to snap some pictures. They’re adorable!  Colors are still changing a bit and we might see them darken and lighten as weeks and months go by. But markings don’t change and they will remain.  Pigmentation in the paw pads and nose will darken over the next week. Their eyes will open in about a week. We’ve been doing the Bio-sensor steps with them and massaging them twice a day. We can already see how much calmer they are becoming as they respond positively to human hands. They are already less reactive and it doesn’t phase them even when they are held upside down (one of the bio-sensor steps.) We’ll start taking individual pictures of the pups at three weeks old   Here they are!


The Girls















The Boys






















February 11, 2020 – We’re excited to announce that Janie’s pups were born yesterday! By the evening mama was done and all of the puppies were nursing quietly and settling in. We will continue to monitor them closely and weigh them regularly.  We welcome to our world Janie’s J Litter:  Jack, Joey, Josh, Johnny, Jason, Julia, and Jenna. We will spend the next eight weeks preparing these puppies for success and a great life. They’ll be ready to go to their forever homes on April 5 and 6. Take a look at this cute little bundle!

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Here’s Clara Jane (Janie) half way through her labor. No stress at all. The pool is where life begins at our house. Janie has a really short hair cut for this process to make it easier for everyone.

After delivery is over, we move mama and pups into a pen. The guard rail is to keep mama from laying back and crushing a pup.

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All the pups are shades of red and apricot. Some solid and some with white markings. Four boys and four girls.