Bella and Gunner’s puppies are growing!

April 16, 2019 – Bella’s puppies are three weeks old now. Everybody is healthy and doing very well. They are becoming more active, standing and walking, and starting to play a bit. They are hearing now and this week we focus on sound desensitization as we continue to hold and interact with them to keep up the human interactions. Here they are at three weeks old. (Individual pictures will be posted again at the four week age.)

Australian labradoodle puppies Oregon

Bobby, Brady and Brandon.

Oregon labradoodle breeders

Brie, Becca and Billy

Oregon labradoodles

Brooke, Bonnie and Bernadette

















April 8, 2019 – The puppies turned two weeks old and their eyes are open!  They are crawling around, actually trying to stand a bit, and trying to sit up straight. As they get stronger, we can see them striving to hold their heads up and move around more. You can see that their noses have darkened some more from the pink and brown that was there at birth. They’re doing great and continue to eat well and gain weight daily. They had their first baths this weekend. They’re becoming very accustomed to be handled and touched. Their colors are similar, all shades of red. It’s hard to capture their true colors during our rainy, Oregon days when the flash takes over. Here are the individual pictures we took of them at two weeks old!

The Boys

Austalian labradoodle puppies Salem Portland Sherwood Oregon


Oregon Labradoodle puppy breeders


Oregon Australian labradoodle breeders puppies









Oregon labradoodles









The Girls


Salem Portland labradoodle breeders


Oregon labradoodle puppies now











Washington labradoodle breeders













April 5, 2019 – The pups are eleven days old now and doing well. Their eyes aren’t opened yet and that will take a few more days. Wanted to post a current picture of these cutie pies!

Australian labradoodle puppies San Jose Portland Oregon

The Girls: Becca, Brie, Bernadette, Brooke and Bonnie

Oregon labradoodle breeders puppies

The Boys: Brady, Brandon, Billy and Bobby












April 1, 2019 – Bella and Gunner’s puppies are one week old today and they are doing very well! They’ve continued to gain weight steadily and mama is doing a great job caring for them. She is gentle and careful where she steps.  It’s makes our jobs easier when mama is doing a good job.  The puppies are being massage daily and we are several days into their Bio-sensor program of early neurological and physical stimulation to help begin to desensitize and condition them and get them comfortable with human touch. Their eyes won’t open for another week or so, and they can’t hear until about three weeks old, so touch is our main connection to them. It’s really important that we begin our work with them when they’re this young. We see the difference in our pups! Here they are, not much as changed except that they’ve gained some weight. They’re continuing to thrive and mama is also doing very well.  (The red lighting is from the heat lamp that helps regulate their body temperatures.)

Week One.

Australian labradoodle puppies Oregon San Jose labradoodle puppies









March 25, 2019 – Our mamas often like to start labor late into the night, and Bella was no exception. Her first puppy arrived at 2 a.m, and within five hours, we had 9 beautiful, red babies!  Bella is doing great and has already settled in as mama to her pups. All are nursing and thriving. We were thrilled with the good weights of this litter, with all pups weighing in around ten or eleven ounces each. That’s makes for healthy, strong pups!  All of the puppies are very close in color and we have five girls and four boys. Nine beautiful puppies, and we’ve themed this litter, “The B Litter.”

Day one, only hours old.

Our wonderful guardian family (dear friends of ours) has Bella and the pups in their care. They’ve helped us raise litters for years, and we know our limits that we can’t be whelping puppies all night long AND take care of a litter of fourteen puppies that are here. Our friends will begin the Bio-sensor program and daily massaging of the pups at day three, when mama is ready to let her pups be held.

The pups will be moved out of the kiddie pool they were born in and into a regular puppy pen today, where guard rails will keep mama from accidentally laying on her pups (something that can happen if we’re not careful.)

We’ll keep weekly updates coming on this blog spot, and we’ll post the first individual pictures when the pups are two weeks old. Keep an eye on Instagram and Facebook as too as we watch this litter grow!

Welcome to our world:  Brady, Brandon, Billy, Bobby, Becca, Brie, Bernadette, Brooke and Bonnie!