Annie Ruby’s pups have arrived!

September 15, 2019 – The puppies have steadily been gaining weight and they continue to eat well and stay close to mama. Not much action at all yet, and their eyes have not opened yet. We expect that to happen at the end of next week.  Mama is doing well with them and the room stays quiet as Annie Ruby likes her space away from everybody at this stage.  We are in the puppy nursery many times a day and the pups are massaged regularly. We have been doing the bio-sensor program with them for the past several days and we’ll continue that for a while. Today, they had baths under warm running water. They seemed to like it.  Touch is our main connection to them at this point and this is why baths, massages and the bio-sensor program are important.  We are already conditioning them before they see or hear. We know the impact of this early stage and we know the results will be really good!

Here are some pictures we took of The Toy Story Litter today, at nine days old!


The Boys



















The Girls


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Oregon labradoodle breeders guardianship program

























September 6, 2019 – Annie Ruby started labor in the afternoon and by 9 p.m., we had six healthy puppies, nursing and thriving with their mama! We are naming this litter, The Toy Story Litter, and we have three boys and three girls in various red, caramel and apricot coloring, some with white markings.   We welcome to our world Woody, Buzz, Andy, Bonnie, Jessie and Bo Peep!

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Here’s mama right after her first two pups arrived. We always do the delivery in a kiddie pool. So much easier to keep clean and wash out when mama is done.

Mama is doing well. It was a peaceful, delivery and she was a very relaxed mama through the whole process.  She now will rarely leave their side. She’s moved into a small front room of our house where she gets the privacy she wants and she feels secure watching over her pups without commotion at this point. It’s also easier to keep the room warm this way for the puppies.

We will post a little blurb on this blog weekly with a few pictures to keep you updated. Individual pictures of the pups will be done every two weeks, starting at three weeks old!  Here are a few snapshots of this event!


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Day one, mama and pups.