Doodling around and blogging as go. It’s a great life of raising Labradoodles!

Choco - male- p - ChipDecember 14 – Pups are three weeks old this week. Things are getting easier. Family is having more peaceful nights as everyone rests easy.  The pups are growing stronger and bigger every day. Eyes opened. Eye contact. Hugs. Kisses. Lots of holding and snuggling. Pick us up. Lots. We love to be held. We smell good, especially our breath. We love to nestle our heads right under you neck. Unless you hold us close, we don’t feel close enough.

Haley’s litter is almost sold out. Reservation spots still open for Molly’s litter yet. Every color available. Puppy love at our house is real. Lots of life, lots of love, lots of goodness.

Haley is helping nurse Molly’s puppies. Check it out on Facebook. My family loves this puppy life.

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