About Us and Contact Info

About Us and Contact Info

Australian Labradoodle puppies available soon, standards and mini's in Oregon.

Puppy kisses on the kitchen floor with our son John.

Thank you so much for your interest in our puppies! We’re the Heisler Family and we live in beautiful wine country in Yamhill County, Oregon, and our email is [email protected]. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.  If you email us or complete an application during the work week, in most cases, you’ll receive a reply within 24 hours. Our normal office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm. Our office is closed on evenings and weekends. We limit our time doing administrative work, so that we can keep puppy snuggles going each and every day and to make sure every single puppy is well cared for. We have checklists daily for each pup, and helpers arrive even in the evenings seven days a week, to help us make sure that every puppy has been held enough, and has received everything he/she needs to be conditioned and raised for success.

Our family consists of us, Chris and Mary, and our “kids” (now young adults) along with extended family and friends that have joined us to work with the pups. We are about 45 minutes west of Portland in a neighborhood close to the many vineyards of this region.

We breed only authentic, multi-generational Australian Labradoodles, and we ensure all the thorough testing is done to make sure we can stand behind the quality of each pup we sell. We believe in a holistic approach to raising puppies and we use the Bio-Sensor program and the Puppy Culture way of raising pups. To learn more about “Puppy Culture” and the philosophy we follow, CLICK HERE.

We thoroughly investigate the health and genetics of any stud we use with our breeding girls because we only want to produce the best!

Our breeding dogs are well-loved members of our family! Some of their offspring, now fully tested and qualified to breed, live in what we call “guardian homes” with friends nearby. We work hard, snuggle a lot, and have people here daily, making sure that each puppy gets personalized, loving care and no details are missed.

We don’t house our puppies in outdoor kennels! Each pup is loved individually in our home and exposed to all the sights and sounds of a typical busy house as they hang out with us. (Often you’ll find us with puppies in our laps as we read or watch a movie, or we are with the pups in our bonus room doing Puppy Culture exercises or conditioning.) Each pup is well socialized by the time they leave us, through our open houses, our staff and family and friends, and all the puppy lovers that are in and out of our home on a regular basis.

Some of the most important work with do here with the puppies is the bio-sensor program, “emotional conditioning,” to prepare them to be outstanding dogs, and then crate training to help them transition more easily into their forever homes. This is all super important. Read on to learn more.
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Hanging out with us and friends.

At a very young age, puppies should be conditioned to respond appropriately when irritated, uncomfortable or threatened. There are early critical stages of a young puppy’s life that can determine their ultimate success and emotional well-being that lasts a lifetime. Our over arching concern is to produce behaviorally sound dogs with excellent temperaments. This is why we follow the Puppy Culture techniques and philosophy.

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Our son John with a young pup.

Our process begins with early neurological stimulation before they even open their eyes as we use the bio-sensor program with each puppy for ten days during their earliest days of life.
Our focus on conditioning continues by working with the puppies through each phase of their development and critical socialization periods from 3 to 5 weeks. With each new experience they encounter, we give them comfort and affirmation so that they are prepared for the normal, otherwise stressful, situations they will encounter throughout life. They are being trained early to have calm and positive reactions to negative situations. We’re preparing our puppies for a future without the destructive anxieties that can develop if not conditioned properly in those earliest days and weeks. This is why many of our pups go on to do therapy and service work.
Having time with each litter, in our home, we help them become accustomed to the typical sights and sounds of home living, such as vacuums, blow dryers, sudden sounds, and lots of visitors. This can all can be scary and cause fright and/or flight in an animal if they have not been conditioned properly with a good breeder. Baths, brushing, and even playtime can be stressful if not done with positive reinforcement (such as calm massages and treats during a bath or brushing). Another thing we do is intervene if pups are playing too rough or fighting over a toy, teaching them gentleness even in play.
This is all happening during their first 8 weeks of life. (Once fears are developed at 5 weeks old, an important life-stage conditioning opportunity can be missed if a breeder is not aware of the importance of the first critical weeks of a puppies life.)
We work on all of this conditioning, while we are loving, holding and caring for each individual pup!
Oregon labadoodle puppies black standards in Washington.

Puppy nursery.

This is our heart, to produce puppies that bring years of joy to a home, and even go on to do service work to help humans that might need a helpful companion.
We do everything we can to help you and your new puppy have great success for the rest of that dogs life. We know how critical it is that we give each pup all they need to feel secure, confident and happy so they have a great foundation for you to build upon with further training after adoption. We understand the trauma and damage that can be done in a pups life if not given the best, quality care from birth.

Our ALAA registration # is ALAA-002667-0313, and we are licensed to do business in the State of Oregon.

How we got started

Labradoodle puppies Oregon Salem Beaverton Portland

Mary Heisler with a young pup.

After we had to say good-bye to our aging Golden Retriever, “Emma,” we thought we could not replace this loving, faithful, obedient dog. We wanted an “Emma” again without having to deal with all the shedding! After looking at many of the breeds available and finding that they seemed to fall short of the love, beauty, coat and temperament we were looking for, we discovered the Australian Labradoodle! We quickly learned that Australian Labradoodles have all the love and loyalty of a lab or golden retriever, yet without all the shedding, and with the intelligence and antics of the Poodle and the colors of the Cocker Spaniel added into the breed.

Knowing we would have our next dog for many years to come, we decided it would be worth the investment to own such a high quality dog with such a great coat and temperament. We met our “Molly,” adopted her, and we were hooked. A few weeks later, we adopted a buddy for Molly, our “Haley,” and the following year, we started our breeding program. We found this breed to be very easy to train and we never experienced all of those typical frustrations of raising a puppy! We’ve decided we will never own another breed. Ask any Labradoodle owner and you’ll probably hear the same thing.



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