Extra puppies were born, click “Read More” for info on our puppy spots

Taking reservations for 2019, Click "Read More" for upcoming litters

Extra puppies were born, click “Read More” for info on our puppy spots

Extra puppies were born, we have spots available for standard size puppies

This is Basil’s pup “Mambo,” all grown up now and living on the east coast. You can see his adult pictures: Mambothedood on Instagram! Basil has brought us such wonderful pups with outstanding temperaments, as we expected.

Our first litters of 2019 have arrived, and we expect a busy year raising pups in various sizes and colors, all raised with the Puppy Culture philosophy and the Bio-sensor program, without compromising the best breeding in genetics, care and coat quality.

Watch for our upcoming announcements, “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to stay updated on anything happening here. So far, this is what we are expecting this winter and spring:


Winnie and Basil’s litter

Our first puppies of 2019 have arrived! Our mama, Winnie mated with our sire, Basil. They have brought us eight pups growing to 45-55 lbs., going home the first week of March. This litter reservation list is fully reserved. Pups are almost all girls, in cream and apricot. Every pup in this litter is a gem!

Here’s a blog link to see the litter: Winne and Basil’s litter

labradoodle puppies Oregon Washington Beaverton Salem

Winnie will bring us large mediums and standards.


Australian labradoodle breeders Oregon Portland

Jingle is a pup from Winnie and Basil’s last litter.




















We will have mini’s and small mediums from our new mamas Annie Ruby and Clara Jane. Sisters that are expected to have litters this winter, growing to 25-30 lbs, both will be mated with our wonderful sire, Gunner. These litters are sold out at this time, but we will announce if additional pups are born to open more spots.  Puppies will be in red and apricot coloring.

Australian Labradoodle puppies Portland Oregon

Clara Jane has just passed all of her testing and more info on her will be posted soon.

Annie Ruby is Clara Jane’s sister. Both new to our breeding program, daughters of our wonderful “Piper.”

Our sire, Gunner Barley, is our wonderful stud that produced outstanding puppies in 2018. You can see his puppies under the Doodle Blog tab.

Puppy Culture breeders Oregon

A puppy from Gunner’s last litter.
























Our Lizzy has mated with Big Rock Valentino (mostly known as our “Basil). Lizzy and Basil’s pups arrived on February 8, ready to go home April 4 and 5. Puppies are chocolate, black, caramel and cream. This was an unexpected extra large litter of fourteen pups, so we have at least several spots available. Puppy selections are made in order of the reservation list at around seven weeks of age. Pups will range from 45-60 lbs, and we can help families choose sizing as it will become more obvious by five to six weeks of age. DNA coat testing reveals that this will be a litter of chocolate, black, and cream puppies, some with white markings.  We’re excited about this match!  We have a few spots left on this reservation list.

Lizzy is our dark chocolate girl with a coat that hasn’t faded like many chocolates do!

Oregon labradoodle breeders


Portland labradoodle breeders puppies

Our Basil (AKA Big Rock’s Valentino from Canada)







standard labradoodle puppies Portland Salem Beaverton McMinnville Salem

Lucy is a pup from Lizzy’s 2018 litter


Labradoodles Portland Salem Seattle Redding

This is one of Basil’s cream puppies from a previous litter.

Pup from Lizzy’s last litter.





Labradoodle puppies summer standard and medium in Oregon and Washington.































Gracie and Gunner will have a litter of medium size pups, expected in April 2019. They will bring us a litter of red, black and caramel  puppies, from 35-50 lb. This litter is expected to be going home in June, when the pups reach eight weeks of age. We currently have several spots available in this litter.


labradoodle puppies black standard Oregon Seattle Beaverton

Starlight Ridge’s Gunner Barley of Valley Vineyard (Is this name for real??)

Black Australian Labradoodle puppies standard Portland Seattle


Extra puppies were born, we have spots available for standard size puppies











WE’LL HAVE MORE MINI AND MEDIUM LITTERS BORN THIS LATE SPRING, SUMMER AND FALL. Call us for details or watch for litter information to be posted soon.