Soon taking reservations for our 2019 litters

Fall puppies available

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This is Basil’s pup “Mambo,” all grown up now and living on the east coast. You can see his adult pictures: Mambothedood on Instagram! Basil has brought us such wonderful pups with outstanding temperaments, as expected.

Soon taking reservations for our 2019 litters

Our puppy reservation spots for 2018 are now full and we’ll soon be posting our plans for our 2019 litters and announcements will be coming soon.

Our first litter of standards should be born in January 2019, and we’ll be offering medium and mini size puppies as well, all raised with the Puppy Culture philosophy while breeding the best in genetics and coat quality. We’re thankful for all of the success stories of our puppies that have been matched with great families in 2018! Many of our pups are doing therapy work and service work or are just living happily with their forever families. Now, we’re looking forward to 2019. Our applications can be found under the “Available Puppies” tab, see “Pricing and More.”  And more information on our Doodles can be found under the Doodle Parents tab. Watch for our upcoming announcements, “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to stay updated on anything happening here. Thank you for checking us out!


These are our litters going home to their forever families this fall:


Katie (35 lbs) and Gunner(30 lbs) have mated and have brought us their first litter, born August 18, going home in mid October. Katie is a total sweetheart. She is obedient and gentle with an outstanding temperament. She’s smart and loyal, following our lead and staying close by. She lives with a great guardian family that takes her everywhere they go: to fairs, community events and to hang out with the many neighbors at their community clubhouse. Katie does therapy wherever she goes! Quiet, gentle, and loving – she wins everybody over! She is excellent with kids and seniors and loves everyone she meets. And Gunner is about as gentle and loyal as they come and we’re excited for this match! He’s easy to have just tag along, is quiet and loves car rides and laps. Gunner’s beautiful, smooth coat mixed with Katie’s coat should bring us great coats of apricot, red and cream.  You can see the puppies and watch them grow on their Doodle Blog page here. THIS RESERVATION LIST IS FULL.

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Valley Vineyard’s Katie, 35 lbs. She’s the daughter or our Basil and Haley.

Katie loves kids, seniors, and meeting new furry friends.

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Our Sire Gunner, from Starlight Ridge Labradoodles




















Our Bella (40lbs.) has had her first litter, and was mated with our sire, Gunner Barley (30 lbs) and together they brought us medium size, caramel and red pups –  going home in mid September. THIS RESERVATION LIST IS FULL.

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Our Bella, 40 lbs., passed all her testing and her ALAA paperwork is all submitted and she has brought us her first beautiful litter!

One Puppy Available Going Home Aug 11

Gunner Barley

















Our Lilly (25 lbs) has mated with our sire, Gunner Barley (30 lbs, shown above) – expected in mid August, going home in mid October. This will be a litter of apricots and reds, some with white markings. Lilly is calm, and quiet and obedient. Everything we expect from this line of therapy dogs. She loves long walks, car rides and lots of lap time. She is obedient and stays close by, always wanting to be near her people. THIS RESERVATION LIST IS FULL AT THIS TIME.


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