Other Recommended Breeders

Australian Labradoodle puppies, chocolate, black, caramel cream and red puppies availlable soon in Oregon.


As a small breeder, offering few litters to maintain the care we give our dogs, we realize we may not have the Doodle you are looking for available when you want him! ┬áBut we want to help…..

Listed below are a few of the breeders we recommend because we know them personally, have seen the care they give their dogs and know the character of their business. (Click on the breeder business name for a direct link to their site.)

Deb Martin, Mountain Park Labradoodles

Maggie and Fred Palmblad, Bedrock Labradoodles

Rochelle, Spring Creek Labradoodles

Josie, Ladd Hill Labradoodles

If you still don’t see the puppy you’re looking for, call us and we’d love to help!


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