Doodle Parents

Valley Vineyard’s Hazel

Our newest breeding girl, Hazel, has passed all of her testing and is ready to┬áhave her first litter! Hazel is 42 lbs. with a beautiful apricot, non-shedding coat. Hazel is calm and obedient, gentle and very loyal to her owners. She loves to snuggle and stays close by. Hazel is Molly’s daughter, held back for…

Valley Vineyard’s Lilly

She’s calm, gentle, loyal and very smart. Lilly is from our therapy line and she brings joy and comfort wherever she goes. Everybody loves Lilly! Lilly is obedient and easy to have around. Everybody loves Lilly!

Valley Vineyard’s Chloe Bella

We loved the name “Chloe,” and Chloe’s guardian family loved the name “Bella,” so now she is “Chloe Bella,” but mostly known as just “Bella.” This girl is as beautiful as her mama Ella, who just retired, and will soon continue this legacy of producing great puppies where her mama left off. Bella has retained…

Our new stud, Gunner Barley

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He’s about 30 lbs, and has a sweet, calm and obedient temperament – and he’s smart too! His beautiful red coat hasn’t faded like most reds, and we’re excited about the genetics, personality and temperament he will bring to the puppies he helps to create. As always, temperament is our focus, but he’s the full package added to that! We’re thankful for this sweet sire to join us!