Doodle Parents

Our new stud, Gunner Barley

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He’s about 30 lbs, and has a sweet, calm and obedient temperament – and he’s smart too! His beautiful red coat hasn’t faded like most reds, and we’re excited about the genetics, personality and temperament he will bring to the puppies he helps to create. As always, temperament is our focus, but he’s the full package added to that! We’re thankful for this sweet sire to join us!

Introducing Lizzy, our largest and chocolatiest Doodle!

Australian labradoodle puppies black standard

Lizzy is our 65 lb, dark chocolate girl that has maintained her beautiful color (often chocolates fade) and she is expected to have her heat cycle in April to mate with the perfect sire to bring us her first litter of puppies this summer. Lizzy makes her way into the heart of anyone that spends any time at all with her. She’s quiet, and follows her family around the house as a very loyal companion.

Basil, our Canadian stud brought down from Big Rock Labradoodles

Labradoodle puppies summer standard and medium in Oregon and Washington.

Obedient, gentle, confident and loving – that’s our boy. We waited for a long time for the perfect stud for our girls and he fit all that we were looking for. Basil, our genuine multi-generational Australian Labradoodle from an excellent blood line with excellence in genetics and testing results: we couldn’t be more happy with the puppies he’s been producing for us! Now a proven stud that is golden (in a cream sort of way!)

Valley Vineyard’s Piper

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Valley Vineyard’s Piper Piper is our “mini,” 25 lbs and comes from our wonderful Haley who is now retired. Her size, temperament, obedience and gentle nature makes her as perfect as they come for small kids, seniors and laps. Therapy is her middle name! She loves to sit and snuggle, not into rough play, and…