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Basil, our new stud from Big Rock Labradoodles

Labradoodle puppies summer standard and medium in Oregon and Washington.

Basil, our new stud and therapy dog from Big Rock Labradoodles – Obedient, calm, gentle, confident and loving – that’s our boy. We waited for a long time for the perfect stud for our girls and he fit all that we were looking for. Introducing our new stud, our genuine multi-generational Australian Labradoodle from an excellent blood line with excellence in genetics and testing results: “Basil.”

Puppies coming soon

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We understand the importance of the first critical 8 weeks in a pup’s life and the opportunity we have in those earliest days and weeks to impact a dog for life! By the time the puppy goes home to his forever family, much of that opportunity is already gone. Here’s the work we do with each puppy we raise:
– A daily routine of early neurological stimulation started when they are only 3 days old.
– Emotional conditioning through each phase of their development to condition them to be calm even in stressful situations, especially important before the fear phase sets in (around 5 weeks of age.)
– Lots of holding and one-on-one to build their confidence, sense of security, and attachment to humans.
– Baths, car rides, and ongoing socialization with LOTS of different people, and our other animals, before they leave our home.
– Litter box training in early weeks to teach them to respect their sleep and play areas and learn that there is a special spot to go potty.
– And crate training before they leave to start preparing them to be alone and away from the litter, to help their transition to their new “den” – a crate. Studies show that puppies that are crate trained are more secure as adult dogs.
You can read more about what we do under the “About Us” or the “Doodle Blog” tab. Click the “Read More” button to learn about our 2018 litters.

Valley Vineyard’s Piper

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Valley Vineyard’s Piper Piper is our “mini,” 25 lbs and comes from our wonderful Haley who is now retired. Her size, temperament, obedience and gentle nature makes her as perfect as they come for small kids, seniors and laps. Therapy is her middle name! She loves to sit and snuggle, not into rough play, and…

Valley Vineyard’s Riley

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Riley is our special, quirky and playful “mini” that has passed all of her required genetic and health testing and had her first litter, proving the quality of wonderful pups that she can produce. Her 2017 litter can be seen under the “Doodle Blog” tab. She is dear to us and loved by everyone. She…