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Lilly and Gunner’s pups are getting bigger

Lilly’s puppies are seven weeks old now and this means we are in the final week and getting ready to say good-bye. This has been really enjoyable, not as hard as I thought, having Lilly and Katie’s pups side by side here in the puppy room. We’re winding down on all the training and conditioning this week. They’re comfortable on a leash and fairly used to crate time, although still inconsistent and whining in the crate a bit. We’ll keep working on that this week.

Katie and Gunner’s pups are home

We’re thankful to all of the families that supported us and have adopted one of these special pups. Because of these families, we were able to give $2,100 to Amazima Ministries so that children in Uganda can learn, eat, and simply LIVE! It’s a win-win for us. We help bring more joy into the world through these great pups, and we, with the help of our families, get to bring joy to Uganda. We pray for a great life of companionship and love all around with the pups that have just left our home. xo, from all of us here!

Bella and Gunner’s puppies are with their forever families

We all felt a little bit of the sting when these puppies left. They were awesome! Well, out of this hard work and the loving families that adopted them to become a new family member, we werE able to donate $1,800.00 to Amazima Ministries so that children in Uganda can eat, be educated, and simply live! Thank you to all of the wonderful families of this litter.

Emery and Gunner’s pups are with their forever families

All of Emery’s puppies have gone home. We are hearing good reports and are excited to launch another litter. I can’t help but sense that each pup went exactly where they were supposed to go. And because of the families involved in this litter, many children in Uganda will be fed, loved and educated. They’ll get to live! A sum of $2,400 is being donated to Amazima Ministries in honor of these pups and families. Thank you for supporting us, xo from all of us!