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Roo and Basil’s puppies arrived

They are all doing so well, are becoming stronger daily and gaining weight. Mama Roo is so careful with them, and is cautious not to step or lay on them. She’s a good, attentive mama! Here they are at one week old.

Piper and Flash puppies are here

We can tell they’re getting ready to leave their little pen and be with their forever humans. Tomorrow is their final vet visit with checkups, vaccines and microchipping. Time is winding down fast! Here are the pictures we took today at seven weeks old.

Riley’s small litter is doing well

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We’re working on crate training quite a bit, and clicker training with treats as they learn to sit and come to our voice. They have the litter box thing down and are enjoying kibble at this point. They’ve done well at car rides, baths and socialization. Here there are at six weeks old!

Winnie and Basil’s puppies are home

The pen is now empty. 🙁 But because of Winnie and Basil and their seven puppies, we were able to give $2,100.00 dollars out of the funds raised from this litter to help children in Uganda live! That money goes a super long way in feeding, educating and housing children that are desperate for help. Thank you puppy families for your support of us and Amazima Ministries by adopting from us!