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Ella and Basil’s puppies have arrived

January 19 – 2018 – Ella’s started labor yesterday afternoon and by 11 pm, six healthy puppies had arrived. They latched on to mama quickly and have been nursing and staying close to Ella. All of the pups seem to be doing very well.  We have six puppies: two girls and four boys. The colors…

Winnie and Basil’s puppies have arrived!

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This week we’ve focused on more and more emotional conditioning. We’re building confidence by introducing them to lots of loud noises they may enounter outside (we have a recording of loud car horns, trains, power tools and loud crashes.) The more we play it, the more they seem to say, “Whatever,” with little reaction. Our adult dogs are a little annoyed though! Ha.

Piper and Sloan’s Litter

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All of the pups have left and the puppy pen is empty. Always a sad time here. We won’t have any more puppies until 2018 as we take some time to rest. We are so thankful to all of the people that found us and are now taking great care of the pups we raised! We are happy to say that the families of Riley and Piper’s litters have helped us donate another $3,000.00 to Amazima Ministries to help some children in Uganda eat, learn and LIVE! We are now enjoying all the updates and contact with our families as we watch the pups grow through pictures and emails. If you want to see how they pups are doing, take a look at our Doodlemonials page where we’ve posted some of the updates!