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Annie Ruby and Gunner’s pups are growing up!

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Seven weeks old! We’ve been working on leash training and sitting. They had their vet exams and today, went through their Volhard temperament testing with an outside trainer/tester. They’re understanding things and very smart. They love humans and they are all confident and pretty self-assured. All are affectionate and love to be held. All pups show to be submissive, yet self-assured. Exactly what we’ve been working toward!

Winnie and Basil’s puppies are home

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It was a busy weekend of saying good-bye to this great litter of pups. We miss each of them: Flannel, Cardigan, Boots, Windy, Toasty, Cashmere, Cocoa and Jammies. All have new names, and are with great, loving families. Because of this litter, we were able to donate $2,100.00 to Amazima Ministries. These pups, and their families helped children in Africa live another day. Maybe at least one more child was saved, educated and fed because of this litter. We also were able to give $300.00 in funds to our local animal shelter, Homeward Bound Pets, in McMinnville, Oregon to help other dogs that aren’t as fortunate as our pups.

Lizzy and Basil’s pups are growing up!

They finished the Bio-sensor program and now our focus is sight and sound desensitization and lots of socialization – they have one-on-one with at least several different people throughout the week. Daily they are held and massaged and they’re brought out of their pen for play time to challenge them with new experiences. Here they are at four weeks old!

Lilly and Gunner’s pups are home

Lilly and Gunner’s puppies have all gone home to be with their forever families. We’re hearing wonderful reports! This makes all of us that have worked with these puppies so happy. The toys will have to collect dust until we have a fresh batch of puppies to play with in January!