Doodle Blog

Winnie and Basil’s puppies are doing great

The puppies are doing great! We’re almost done with their daily Bio-sensor program and we can see how comfortable they are already with being held and touched in all areas. They are completely calm and relaxed in our hands, on their backs, in the air and even hung upside down (one of the steps). They’ve received lots of baths already, and they love the warm running water. All this is the start of conditioning them. . .

Lilly and Gunner’s pups are home

Lilly and Gunner’s puppies have all gone home to be with their forever families. We’re hearing wonderful reports! This makes all of us that have worked with these puppies so happy. The toys will have to collect dust until we have a fresh batch of puppies to play with in January!

Katie and Gunner’s pups are home

We’re thankful to all of the families that supported us and have adopted one of these special pups. Because of these families, we were able to give $2,100 to Amazima Ministries so that children in Uganda can learn, eat, and simply LIVE! It’s a win-win for us. We help bring more joy into the world through these great pups, and we, with the help of our families, get to bring joy to Uganda. We pray for a great life of companionship and love all around with the pups that have just left our home. xo, from all of us here!