Why buy a labradoodle puppy from us?

Why buy a labradoodle puppy from us?

Six weeks old.

Why buy a labradoodle puppy from us?

Two weeks old, hanging out with us in the kitchen.

Two weeks old, hanging out with us in the kitchen.

What makes us different, and what’s special about us is our limited amount of litters, our openness to visitors, and the personalized attention you get. But most importantly, the personalized attention each puppy gets.

We’re a small family breeder with limited litters and we treat each individual puppy as if they really matter, because they do! We know that we can impact them positively or negatively for LIFE depending on how much attention we give them. We feel that each pup deserves the BEST care and our heart becomes invested in each and every one.

Check out our “Doodle-monials” page and comments on our Facebook page to learn more about the quality of the puppies that leave our home. This is only a glimpse of the positive responses we get from the families that have adopted from us.

We are in love with our puppies! Not just saying that, come and see. Why is that important? Because that drives all the decisions we make.The care we bring, the amount of litters we have each year (we’ll never have more litters than we can care for!), the health testing and pedigree lines we will use for our girls, and the nurturing we pour into each pup!Oregon Labradoodle breeders

Australian Labradoodle puppies available soon, standards and mini's in Oregon.

Wrestling in the kitchen.

Early pup training begins with the Dr. Battaglia’s Bio Sensor program at day three to help stimulate them neurologically (the military has adopted this program to help produce “super dogs”), litter box training in the earliest weeks to prepare them for the next stage of potty training, emotional conditioning at every important stage, and early crate training in their final weeks with us to prepare them for their forever homes.

We want the adoption process to be a happy one for everyone. Car rides, regular baths, and lots of snuggling and lap time is essential to preparing them for a successful life with a new family. We’ve adopted the “Puppy Culture” philosophy and adopted those techniques into our weekly care of every pup we raise.

We are ALAA members and go above and beyond to meet all the code of ethics needed to be considered a great, reputable breeder.

Our puppy nursing room.

Our den room converts to a puppy nursery when the time is right. After that, they’re moved into our special puppy play room off the kitchen where they have room to romp, grow and litter box train.

We work with our buyers to help them through the adjustment period with their new puppy and often maintain contact with our families long after the puppy has left us.

Standard Australian Labradoodle puppies like this one available soon in Oregon.Nearly every visitor that has come to our home has made the decision to adopt from us, and we think that’s a pretty good indicator that we’re doing things right.  Some have even been patient enough to wait for many months after meeting our dogs and seeing the environment our pups are raised in.

Standard Australian Labradoodle puppies like this one available soon in Oregon.Excellence in early puppy care is essential to the lifetime quality, personality and temperament of a dog. Most adult dog behavior problems stem from training, neglect or fear issues that occurred in the earliest days, weeks and months of a puppy’s life.

Make sure the breeder you choose is giving their pups the BEST care with lots of protection, supervision and love starting in the puppy’s earliest days of life. Ask about genetics, temperaments of the parents and how each puppy is raised and cared for from birth. Before you adopt, ask lots of questions and try and pay a visit to buy from only the best, most trusted breeder.Australian Labradoodle guardian program Portland Salem Oregon

Our puppy play room is right off our kitchen, they can see us as we cook. 🙂

We are proud members of the Australian Labradoodle Association. Our breeding dogs are ALAA DNA Profiled. All of our breeding dogs have been DNA’d and their DNA profiles have been submitted to the ALAA. This has been done to protect the buyer and support parentage identification.  We are proud to be an ALAA/DNA breeder.

We start crate training because we know it will reduce the stress on the pup if he’s been introduced to a crate before all the adjustment of a new home.